Retail Stores Still Important in Today’s Omni-Channel Market

As the internet and digital technology continue to drive today’s market, a study by consulting firm A.T. Kearney finds that consumers in the U.S. and the U.K. still value the physical retail store experience. The study aims to explain how and why consumers use various channels throughout the stages of the shopping process. By understanding how digital and traditional marketing channels drive traffic, retail stores can understand the new role they play in today’s digital world.

Ecommerce and mobile devices have changed consumer habits, yet the brick-and-mortar experience remains incredibly important in Omni-channel retailing. Here’s a sample of key findings from the study:

  • Some categories are more important than others. While the physical retail experience is important for consumers, there are some categories that are now almost exclusively online. For instance, Amazon and similar ecommerce retailers dominate books, CDs, and the entertainment market. On the other hand, office supplies, cosmetics, and apparel are far more popular in physical stores.
  • Consumers research. Even if consumers make an in-store purchase, chances are that they researched the product or retail store online during some stage of the shopping process. Social media continues to play a massive role in finding recommendations for new products.
  • Stores offer engagement. Regardless of the product category, physical stores play a key role when it comes to customer engagement. In fact, the study found that consumers often spent up to 40 percent more than expected in store.

Since the physical brick-and-mortar experience is still the most valuable for consumers, it’s critical to ensure that you’re staffed with the right team. At Lifestyle Retail Recruiters, we staff to improve the experience of your customers. You can read more about this study at Apparel, and be sure to contact us today!

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