Five Health Benefits Your Company Can Offer to Attract Talent

Five Health Benefits Your Company Can Offer to Attract Talent

In the current job market, companies are offering new and interesting perks to prospective team members in an effort to stand out from other employers. Some candidates prize these benefits enough to accept lower salaries in exchange. One trend in these packages is healthcare investment—more employers realize that investing in their team member’s wellbeing increases productivity and engagement in the workforce. Here are some of the ways companies are accomplishing this:

  • Gym memberships. Businesses realize that healthy employees are happy employees. In turn, happy employees are more productive and cost less in the long run. Encouraging physical activity and fitness decreases the risks of some health concerns while boosting social activities among coworkers.
  • Whole-body wellness. Some businesses have implemented programs such as yoga classes and chair massages. This trend signals an acknowledgement that whole-body health and stress reduction are important to a growing number of employees.
  • Health insurance. Monthly health insurance premiums seem to go up every year. Now that laws require health insurance coverage, many people are struggling to pay the associated fees. Offering to pay for an employee’s health insurance is a major perk, as it eliminates a significant expense.
  • Some major companies (such as Google) have implemented on-site healthcare options. With physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists on campus, their employees are well cared for.
  • Keeping employees fed is another perk some companies offer. By eliminating the need for frequent grocery or lunch time food runs, employees decrease their monthly spending and are fueled for long days at the office. Many organizations are placing an additional emphasis on providing healthy dietary options, further boosting team wellness.

Health perks seems to draw a large number of employees to companies offering them. Once recruiters have gotten solid candidates into negotiations, consider one or more of these benefits to tip the scales in your favor during employment negotiations.

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