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Lifestyle Retail Recruiters isn’t interested in the shuffle. We’re passionate about providing talent to our clients who will enthusiastically embrace the position and become a seamless part of your company’s culture. By working with our dedicated team of recruiting professionals, you’ll be tapping into a one-of-a-kind retail professionals network and improving your chances of a long term hire.

Premier retailers, apparel companies, cosmetics businesses, online retailers, and other retail specialists have empowered their brands with our staffing solutions. When you have retail professionals you can trust to do the job right, everyone’s job becomes more rewarding.


Running a busy retail store takes time and dedication. You believe in your product, but finding the right retail staffing can be difficult. High turnover rates and unmotivated staffing can make the retail experience for you and the consumer suffer. Allow our personalized services to help you find motivated individuals who will bring energy, drive, and consistent achievement to your brand. We look forward to providing you with quality candidates who are willing to go the extra mile to help your company succeed.


Lifestyle Retail Recruiters also provides recruitment services to wholesalers in the apparel, jewelry, home goods and fashion industries. We understand that your market focuses entirely on finding the right retailers to carry a brand. Individuals who are professional, motivated, and who care about your company culture can greatly enhance your market exposure. Our recruiters are ready to help you find the perfect match to fuel your business for success. Read more

Our primary goal is to always provide you with the staffing services you need. To accomplish this, we:

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  1. Listen. A holistic analysis of your organization allows us to match you with the profile of ideal candidates. In addition to looking at your company culture, business needs, and job functions, we qualify your candidates by evaluating them independently with industry standards. This ensures that you always receive the best match.
  2. Proactive searching. Your company doesn’t have to worry about screening applicants and interviewing until we’ve vetted the final candidates. Our services cover searching, telephone, and in-person interviews so that we can gauge candidates before bringing you into the process. Those who might be a perfect match will always participate in a follow-up interview, and you’ll have the ability to be as involved in the process as you’d like.
  3. The follow up. Our job isn’t over when we’ve identified a candidate. We also work to negotiate compensation that works for our candidates and retail clients. It’s a win-win situation. From there, we pre-close the deal for acceptance and go over details with you and the candidate. After all is said and done, our team will remain in touch with all parties to ensure a smooth job transition and the success of the project.


Our Services Include:


Client Testimonials

“Cindy is by far one of the best, personable, and communicative recruiters I have worked with in my professional career; on both the hiring and placement sides. She kept me up to date on the application status, helped me feel prepared, and was a great cheerleader along the way. She helped negotiate an offer beyond my expectations at a wonderful company she knew would be the perfect fit for me. In the future when and if I need to change my team members, Cindy will always be my first and only phone call! ”

Store Director for Tiffany & Co.

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