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4 Shocking Interview Secrets from Lifestyle Retail Recruiters

Is my resume ready?

Do I have enough experience?

What should I wear?

Chances are that these thoughts have crossed your mind as you prepare for a job interview. While these are normal concerns for applicants, they’re not necessarily the things that concern employers the most.

At Lifestyle Retail Recruiters, we’ve seen applicants fret over the same issues over and over again, which makes them forgettable in the long run. Below, we expose the secrets we wish we could tell all applicants, secrets that would dramatically increase the odds of getting hired – or at least being called for a secondary interview.

During your interview, it’s critical to:

  1. Be likable. Seriously. We can’t tell you how many applicants sound bored, angry, or disinterested during their interview – and body language implies a lot as well. Being likable is critical to making a good impression and creating an authentic connection with the interviewer. Of course, nothing can replace actual qualifications, but if you aren’t pleasant in the interview, we can only assume that you won’t be pleasant in the workplace – and so you won’t be working there.
  2. Be memorable. Hosting interviews can feel like American Idol auditions where thousands of aspiring singers whisk across a panel of judges. Honestly, unless you make a concerted effort to stand out, chances are that we (or any interviewer) will forget about you. Whether it’s the bright red jacket you wore or mentioning that you run triathlons, give us a reason to remember you.
  3. Be positive! It’s impossible for us to remember every detail about your interview, but various sound bytes will stand out and stick with us, especially negative ones. Remember, there’s more than one way to say the same thing, so choose to phrase things positively. Instead of saying that you “absolutely hate micromanagement from supervisors,” say that you “are looking for more self-responsibility in a job.” See the difference? Same sentiment, but massively different tone.
  4. Be inquisitive. Want to engage us and show that you’re genuinely interested about the position? Then ask questions – lots of them. No matter how much research you do about the job and the company, the reality is that it’s impossible to know everything about the job until you actually do it. There are always questions to be asked.

At Lifestyle Retail Recruiters, we want you to be equipped with the knowledge needed for a successful interview. To learn more, be sure to read this Jeff Haden article – and best of luck on your job search!

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