3 Ways to Regain Confidence During a Job Search

3 Ways to Regain Confidence During a Job Search

Looking for a job can be a long and daunting task. Weeks of rejection emails or interviews that go nowhere can lean hard on an applicant’s confidence. Employers can often sense this lack of confidence in applicants and it can lead to additional rejections. Here are three ways an applicant can maintain confidence and motivation in a job search.

Remember That Rejections Are Not Personal

Even the most successful people have faced rejection at some point. In her article “5 Ways To Energize Your Job Search,” Rachel Elahee states that “No” does not mean you are not intelligent. It does not mean your idea is ridiculous. It does not mean you will never get a job, or there is something wrong with you, or any other catastrophic result.”Elahee also advises applicants to understand “no” to mean, “not right now.”

Remember Who You Are

It helps to go over this at least once a week during a job search. Forgetting this important point can easily lead to a loss of confidence during the job search. When they lose a job, many people lose a sense of who they are because they have been identified through their job title. Elahee says to remember that “Your job is what you do…not who you are…write a list of your life roles [such as] friend, husband, wife, sister, brother, lover of music, chess player, etc. Remember: You are not your job title.”

Remember That Patience is Key

You should never forget what you really want and never be so desperate for work that you settle for something minimal. In the meantime, take educational training to improve or gain new skills, join social networking groups, and/or attend in-person networking events.

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