Three ways to keep salary options open

3 Ways to Keep Salary Options Open

Applicants are often aware that salary is the last thing that they should bring up in a job interview. However, it is usually one of the main questions on their minds. Nobody likes to be misled, and applicants should have a clear idea of what salary they are getting when they accept a job. The applicant and recruiter should discuss their expectations in negotiations. The following are three things applicants should not do when negotiating salary.

Avoid the Topic of Salary

It is admirable if, once offered the position, the applicant initiates salary negotiations. As an applicant, you should never leave everything in the hands of the recruiter. After all, you are the one who has to live with the salary, so you should make sure that it will meet your needs.

Settle For a Number Early

While salary expectations are usually covered on the application, the applicant will not always have the full picture of job responsibilities at first. If you realize you have more advanced training than existing employees, or the job involves more extensive duties than listed in the ad, you may feel you deserve a higher salary. Understand that the number initially listed is a jumping off point, and is open for negotiations later. Note this to the recruiter when answering this question.

Not Put It in Writing

You may hear sentences that begin with, “The salary offer is low now, but…” during the interview. You might also hear statements like, “We make up for it with a great benefits package,” or “There will be opportunities for raise increases in the future.”

While a benefits package may be good, applicants still deserve to be compensated monetarily, and should be offered what is in line with market rates. If there is an opportunity for raise increases in the future, the timeline of the raise increase and how much the raise will be should be understood by both sides and be put in writing. Not putting a salary agreement in writing leaves room for misunderstandings or denials at a later date.

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